Vienna Pass or Vienna Card?

Which is the best type for your needs? This review compares the city cards for Vienna at a glance and you can see immediately, which card is the perfect choice for your exploration of the attractions.

City Cards Review Vienna Pass
City Card
Free entry to attractions
Free use of public traffic in core zone ¹
Free use of Hop on Hop Off buses ² ³
Discounts at attractions and much more
Free airport transfer
Price for 1 day € 59,00 € 17,00
Price for 2 days € 89,00 € 25,00
Price for 3 days € 119,00 € 29,00
Price for 6 days € 154,00

Prices as of March 2019

Brief Description

With the Vienna Pass you get free entry to more then 60 top attractions. You can also use the Hop on Hop Off busses free of charge, which also include trips around the city. Among the included attractions, you will find the most popular tourist destinations like: Schönbrunn Palace & Zoo, Lipizzaner Horses at morning exercise, Giant Ferris Wheel, Madame Tussauds and the Hofburg with the exhibition rooms of the Imperial Apartments.

The Vienna City Card Wiener Linien is the official sightseeing card for tourists and essentially a short term ticket for the public traffic in the whole city area with numerous discounts for selected attractions, shops, restaurants, cafes, concerts and other things. The extra charge compared to a standard short term ticket is around 11 Euro for the 2 and 3 day version. But you can save this surcharge already if you visit Schönbrunn Palace (Classic Pass), the Zoo, the Lipizzaner Horses at morning exercise and Madame Tussauds by using the Vienna Card at the ticket purchase.

Providers in comparison:

¹) The Travel Card Option is available at an extra charge. With it, you may use all public transport in the whole city area (core zone) free of charge.
²) The pass offers free use of the Hop On Hop Off Bus* for the entire time. So depending on the variant up to 6 days.
³) The City Card is available in a version with a free ticket for Hop-On Hop-Off bus (Big Bus) use. But this card version does not include the free use of public transport. The ticket for the Hop-On Hop-Off bus ist valid for 24, 48 or 72 hours, depending on the selected card type. This offer is particularly interesting, if you want to drive only a few times with the public transportation. The costs are 32 € for 24h, 37 € for 48h and 41 € for 72h.

Review Conclusion

The Vienna Pass is the cheapest solution if you want to visit many attractions in the city. Already at a 2 day intensive program pays off to invest in the Vienna Pass. If you plan to use the 3 or 6 day version it pays itself even if you don't complete a very dense sightseeing program. If you are not located nearby a Hop on Hop Off bus station you should perhaps consider to order also the optionally Travelcard.

The Vienna City Card is recommendable if you often use the public transport network and just want to visit selected Highlights in the city. With this Vienna card it is not only possible to get reduced prices at several attractions, but you have the chance to save one or another Euro at other activities like for example at shopping or at a restaurant visit.

Info about Ordering

Both versions can be ordered online at some travel agencies as well as directly from the providers. Even if the prices are in the most cases equal there are sometimes differences in the terms, such as the cancellation policy.

If you order the Vienna Pass directly at the provider you will have the advantage of a money back guarantee. That means, you may reclaim the purchasing price for unactivated passes within a certain time period. Furthermore, you will often have the opportunity to receive an additional discount on standard price at the provider website. Click at the following link and learn how to use promo codes and online sales offers to receive up to 10% discount. Order directly at:   Vienna Pass*

The Vienna City Card is unfortunately only offered by the provider without cancellation possibility. However, you can buy and collect it directly from the tourist info at the Vienna Airport or in the city center. You may simply save 5% if you order the card online before picking it up:
-5% at Tiqets* with discount code    05CWTQ

Info about Airport Transfer

The City Card offers some discounts on various transport options like the comfortable City Airport Train or for the buses of Vienna Airport Lines. But with the Vienna Pass it gets really cheap. It includes a free transfer with the Air-Liner bus. Details can be found at the end of the guidebook, in a section, where some promotions are listed (page 160). You can download the guidebook* here for free.

2 Day Sightseeing Suggestion

Standard Program

Day 1:

Day 2:

Vienna Pass
City Card
On-Site Price
approx. € 98,60 approx. € 105,20 approx. € 107,40

Intensive Program

Day 1 additionally:

  • Hofburg with Silberkammer, Sisi museum and Imperial Apartments

Day 2 additionally:

Vienna Pass
City Card
On-Site Price
approx. € 98,60 approx. € 135,35 approx. € 144,30

6 single trip tickets are also considered in the calculation. Due to the free use of the Hop On Hop Off buses, only 4 single trip tickets were considered with the Vienna Pass.

Alternative Possibilities

The Flexi Pass is an interesting alternative. This is something like a flexible combination ticket. The offered variants do not differ in the period of validity, but in the number of attractions which may be visited. For more information have a look at following review & price comparison.

2 Day Sightseeing Low Budget Suggestion

If you decide not to buy a city card for your stay, the following program suggestion would be a cheap alternative.

Day 1:

Day 2:

A combination ticket for Madame Tussauds and the Giant Ferris Wheel is online available at: Madame Tussauds*

The total expenses together with 6 single trip tickets would be in this case: approx. € 43,20


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