Belvedere Palace Vienna

Accessibility: Metro U1 station Südtiroler Platz Hauptbahnhof, tram line 18 and O, station Quartier Belvedere (read visitor information for more details)

Opening hours: The Upper Belvedere is normally open daily from 10:00 until 18:00 o'clock and the Lower Belvedere from 9:00 until 18:00 o'clock. The Belvedere garden opens from 1st April until 31st October at 6:30 o'clock morning and from 1st November until 31st of March at 7:00 o'clock. The park closes at different times but is open in winter at least until 17:30 o'clock open and on certain summer days even till 21:00 o'clock. (link to current times below)

Tip: Art lovers, do not miss the chance to see this unique collection of Austrian paintings in the Upper Belvedere. Although the audio guide costs extra, you should allow yourself the luxury to learn more about the various exhibited highlights.

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Visitor Information:

The Belvedere Palace is divided into two building units. The Upper and the Lower Belvedere, both were constructed on behalf of Prince Eugene of Savoy in the 18th century. Between the two buildings you will find a huge garden area. The palace served as the Viennese summer residence for the successful commander Prince Eugene of Savoy. Both, the impressive palace and the beautiful landscaped garden, have been built in the Baroque style.
Today big parts of those two buildings and the palace gardens are open for visitors. A permanent exhibition, which shows mainly Austrian artworks, is located in the Upper Belvedere. The Lower Belvedere presents changing exhibitions of various art periods and artists.

How to get there?

The entire palace complex with its gardens is situated on a shallow slope and has a length of about 1 km. Start your visit at the side of the Upper Belvedere and you will have the advantage to walk downhill on your way through the gardens. The main entrance there is located directly at the corner of Prince Eugen-Straße / Landstraßer Gürtel. The nearest public transportation is the tram. The distance to the tram station Quartier Belvedere is just approx. 150 m. To reach the next metro station Südtiroler Platz Hauptbahnhof you have to drive only one tram stop or walk approx. 600 m from the main entrance to the Belvedere Palace.
At the Lower Belvedere the tram station of the same name is just 50 m away from the entrance. With the tram line 71 you have to drive only 2 stops further to reach the station Oper in the center of Vienna. There you will find the nearby metro station Karlsplatz with the metro lines U1, U2 and U4

How much is the entrance fee?

The entry tickets for the Upper and the Lower Belvedere can be purchased individually as well as together. The ticket for the Upper Belvedere costs online approx. 16 Euro, for the Lower Belvedere you need to pay approx. 14 Euro. A combination ticket for both entries costs around 23 Euro. Unfortunately, you have to pay an extra charge of approx. 5 Euro for the audio guides on your smartphone. The Vienna Pass* offers you free entrance to both parts.
The access to most areas of the palace gardens is free of charge. Exceptions are only the Alpine Garden with approx. 4 Euro entrance fee and the Privy Garden (Kammergarten) which may only be visited together with the Lower Belvedere.

What are the Highlights of the Belvedere Palace?

Upper Belvedere:
The absolute highlight is the Kiss by Gustav Klimt. This famous painting from the period of Viennese Modernism shows a loving couple that just tenderly embraces and kisses each other. Including this highlight you can admire usually more than 5 masterpieces by Gustav Klimt at this place.
The exhibited painting Death and Maiden is one of the most famous works of the Austrian painter Egon Schiele. The expressionistic painting was created in the year 1915, during the First World War.
Besides some well-known Austrian paintings you can admire also some international masterpieces. Among those there are paintings from famous artists like Path in Monet's Garden in Giverny by Claude Monet and The Plain at Auvers by Vincent van Gogh.

Lower Belvedere:
The temporary exhibitions here display a variety of artworks in the magnificent premises. The Marble Hall is one of the highlights of the inner rooms. The sculptures, wall reliefs and the ceiling paintings there, are especially impressive. The Gold Cabinet lives up to its name. The pompous room sparkles from all sides. The walls are decorated with mirrors and gold wall paneling.

Palace Gardens:
The huge garden of the Belvedere Palace is a attractively designed park scenery with fountains, water pools and well-kept paths. The giant cascade fountain in the center of the park is especially spectacular. It is built up of 2 water basins which are interconnected to each other by 5 cascades. The water flows over the 5 cascades and the rushing water is amplified by some fountains. To see the whole spectacle you should consider the operating hours: usually daily in summer from 10.00 to 12.00 o'clock and from 14.00 to 17.00 o'clock.

Current information:
Opening hours and exhibitions

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