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Amsterdam City Cards Review & Comparison

Find the best Amsterdam attractions pass offer with this review and comparison! See the pros and cons for Amsterdam City Card, Holland Pass, Amsterdam Pass & City Pass. Compare between the different attractions passes in the following 3 areas with the help of the overview table, the price comparison and the short description with review conclusion:

1. Overview Table City Cards:
How many Amsterdam attractions can you visit free of charge? Are the top highlights such as the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum or the Heineken Experience included? Is a canal cruise and a hop-on hop-off bus tour also available as a free activity? What are the prices? You will find all these answers in this overview table. Directly to Table ...

2. Price Comparison with Sightseeing Itinerary:
How much can you save with the different city cards? Is it worth it? For which attraction does it pay off? Get a sightseeing itinerary for each city pass with price comparison in comparison with the ticket costs on-site. With that it will be easy for you to discover the best offer for your top attractions in Amsterdam. Directly to Price Comparison ...

3. Short Description with Review Conclusion:
For each reviewed tourist pass you will find here a brief description with the main features and some tips about the usage. This information will help you to avoid bad experiences with the various offers. The listed pros and cons will support you in finding the best attractions pass for your sightseeing tour. In the review conclusion you can read in short about the reasons why you should make your decision for the different tourist cards. Directly to Description & Conclusion ...

1. Overview Table City Cards:

Attractions Pass: I amsterdam City Card
Amsterdam Pass
Holland Pass
Amsterdam City Pass
Included free attractions: around 60 around 50 over 100 3
Of which you can visit: all all max. 3, 4 or 6¹ 2 or 3
Within: 24, 48, 72, 96 or 120 hours 1, 2, 3 or 5 days 1 month
Canal Cruise incl.:
Hop-on Hop-off Bus & Boat incl.: ³
Van Gogh Museum incl.:
Rijksmuseum incl.:
Heineken Experience incl.:
Rembrandt House Museum incl.:
ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo incl.:
Public Transportation incl.:
Link to provider: I amsterdam City Card* Amsterdam Pass* Holland Pass* Amsterdam City Pass*
Mobile Pass by e-mail:
Free cancellation option:
Approx. costs for hours/attractions: hours:
24: € 60.00
48: € 80.00
72: € 95.00
96: € 105.00
120: € 115.00
1: € 66.00
2: € 91.00
3: € 112.00
5: € 145.00
max. attractions:
3: € 45.00
4: € 60.00
6: € 80.00
2: € 50.50
3: € 75.50
Perfect for: active tourists last-minute planners relaxed travelers lazy organizers

¹) The number of free attractions is calculated by a system with gold and silver points.
²) The visiting time can be freely chosen, but must be determined at the time of booking.
³) The hop-on hop-off bus & boat offer may be used all the time while the pass is valid.
⁴) In the small version you have to decide between Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum.

Prices & info as of September 2019

2. Price Comparison with Sightseeing Itinerary:

Price Comparison I amsterdam City Card 48h:

This densely packed 2 day sightseeing itinerary covers some of the most important attractions of Amsterdam. If you do not get lost in details at the different museums and in the zoo, then you should be able to manage this program with a little bit of discipline and time management.

On-Site Tickets
City Card Price
approx. € 127.50 approx. € 80.00

Savings in comparison to the on-site price: approx. € 47.50

Price Comparison Amsterdam Pass 2 day:

This program proposal should be well suited for the average tourist. The different activities cover many interests and you should be able to complete them comfortably within 2 days. If you finish earlier, you may use the pass to visit another included attraction at no additional cost.

On-Site Tickets
Pass Price
approx. € 136.50 approx. € 91.00

Savings in comparison to the on-site price: approx. € 45.50

Price Comparison Holland Pass Large (max. 6 attractions):

With this sightseeing itinerary you do not need to hurry. You can take some time to explore the different stations. You should calculate around 2.5 days for this relaxed program. If you start with the hop-on hop-off bus & boat, you will get the perfect overview at the beginning of your city trip. So you will have a little experience for the further orientation in Amsterdam.

On-Site Tickets
Pass Price
approx. € 116.00 approx. € 80.00

Savings in comparison to the on-site price: approx. € 36.00

Amsterdam City Pass Price Comparison:

If you are under time pressure, this program gives you the opportunity to experience the top highlights in Amsterdam within one day. The included ticket for the airport transfer by train is perfect for a fast connection to the airport.

On-Site Tickets
Pass Price
approx. € 46.50 approx. € 50.50

Surcharge in comparison to the on-site price: approx. € 4.00

3. Short Description with Review Conclusion:

I amsterdam City Card:

The city card does not limit you to a certain number of sights or museums. You can use or visit all the included activities and targets once within a given time frame. The usage of the public transportation in Amsterdam is also included, but unfortunately without airport transfer. Within 24, 48, 72, 96 or 120 hours you may choose from around 60 attractions*. Among this solid number is also the Van Gogh Museum with the possibility of an online reservation directly on their website. All other attractions as well as the Rijksmuseum and the Rembrandt House may be usually visited without reservation. Unfortunately there is no hop-on hop-off bus & boat tour included.
The Amsterdam City Card can be purchased online as well as locally on-site. Very often you will receive a better price if you simply place an online order before you pick it up. Collection points are normally available in the city center of Amsterdam or at the Airport Schiphol. The city card is valid for two calendar years and must be used until the end of the following calendar year. For example, if you buy the city card in the year 2019, you are able to pick it up, activate it and use it until the end of 2020. Activation starts with the first use, for example with the entry into a museum, and not with the pickup time. Activation for public transport is a second step and can therefore happen at a different time. After the activation you may use each part until the end of the selected time period.

  •   around 60 attractions
  •   incl. Van Gogh Museum with online reservation
  •   incl. Rijksmuseum
  •   incl. public transportation
  •   without hop-on hop-off bus & boat tour
  •   without Heineken Experience

Active Tip ! If you plan to visit many highlights in Amsterdam but you do not like too much walking, then the I amsterdam City Card could be the right choice. The combination of attractions pass with free public transportation is perfect if you want to visit many attractions in a short time. If you prefer to have some more time for the various museums and sights then you should check also the other possibilities.

Purchase online directly at the provider under*

Amsterdam Pass:

More than 50 different sights, museums and activities are included with the Amsterdam Pass. You may visit each of the free attractions once within a certain time period. A special feature is included with the hop-on hop-off bus & boat offer. You can use both for the entire validity of your pass, which is available for 1, 2, 3 or 5 days. Although the validity time is indicated in days, the Amsterdam Pass validity period is 24 hours. For example, the 3 day version is valid for 72 hours from the first use. Most of the included free offers can be visited without a prior reservation. An exception is the popular Heineken Experience. Here you have to make a reservation for a time slot ticket on a special web page for pass owners. You can find the link to this page directly at the provider's website, on the page which is describing the Heineken Experience*.
A big advantage of the Amsterdam Pass is the possibility to choose the Mobile Pass* option when you place an online order. In this case you will receive a ticket with a barcode by e-mail. All you have to do is to print out this document and you will get free admission to all included attractions in Amsterdam. You will not waste any time for collecting the pass. Another advantage, when ordering online at the provider, is the 30 day money-back guarantee. In case of a cancellation you will get your money back without any problems. This allows you to benefit from the usually lower online prices and still remain flexible in your travel planning.

  •   around 50 attractions
  •   incl. hop-on hop-off bus & boat tour - validity period
  •   incl. Heineken Experience with online reservation
  •   incl. Rijksmuseum
  •   Mobile Pass
  •   without Van Gogh Museum
  •   without public transportation

Flexi Tip ! If you like to enjoy Amsterdam under the motto -the journey is the destination- then the Amsterdam Pass should be the right choice for you. This is due to the many included sightseeing options and the unlimited use of hop-on hop-off bus & boat during the entire period of validity. Also included are some top attractions such as the Heineken Experience and the Rijksmuseum. Unfortunately the Van Gogh Museum is not included. Important arguments for this offer are in addition to the attractions also the Mobile Pass by e-mail and the 30 day money-back guarantee.

Order online directly on the  Provider Website!*

Holland Pass:

Usually you will not experience any time pressure when you use the Holland Pass. You have 1 month to use all the offered benefits. The best parts of the benefits are the free entrances in up to 6 museums and attractions. The pass is available in 3 versions: small, medium and large with a maximum of 3, 4 and 6 free entrances. Every included free activity is whether a silver or a gold activity. For example, the large version includes 3 gold and 3 silver activities. A good overview of the different categories is available at the following link*.
Normally every attraction is only counted with one entry. Unfortunately you will need 2 silver entries for the visit of the Van Gogh Museum. Almost all of the over 80 attractions can be visited without a reservation. But even there are exceptions. The most important are again the Van Gogh Museum and the Heineken Experience. There is no possibility for an online reservation. You need to make the ticket reservation directly in Amsterdam at one of the Tours & Tickets shops. Normally these ticket shops are also collection points for the Holland Pass. So it makes sense to do the reservation when you pick up the pass. However, it can happen that these popular attractions are overbooked for a few days.
Of course, you can buy the Holland pass on-site or place an usually cheaper online order and then simply pick it up in Amsterdam. After the first use of the pass it is valid for 1 month. If you have consumed all the free tickets, you will also be able to get a discounted ticket price for many attractions (regularly 10-20%).

  •   over 100 attractions
  •   incl. Van Gogh Museum
  •   incl. hop-on hop-off bus & boat tour
  •   incl. Rijksmuseum
  •   incl. Heineken Experience
  •   without public transportation
  •   no online reservation - Van Gogh Museum
  •   complicated with gold and silver activities

Price-Tip ! With the Holland Pass, you may choose from a variety of options and you do not have to look at the clock at each attraction. You can take some time to visit the top museums and sights in Amsterdam and save a lot of money with this pass. If you absolutely want to visit the Van Gogh Museum and you are traveling in high season, you should maybe choose another solution.

Online deal !    -10% at Tiqets*    with discount code    10CWTQ

Amsterdam City Pass:

The Amsterdam City Pass is a kind of combination ticket with some additional features. With the small version you have the choice whether you want to visit the Rijksmuseum or the Van Gogh Museum. Both museums are included in the large version, the Amsterdam City Pass Plus. Both variants include a 1-hour canal cruise and the airport transfer by train to Schiphol free of charge. In addition to these free services, you will also receive a discount code for 20% price reduction on many tickets from the provider Ticketbar.
You can simply buy the Amsterdam City Pass online and it is not necessary to pick it up somewhere. The dates for the included free museums and activities must be entered directly during the online order. This is especially an advantage for the Van Gogh Museum, which anyhow can only be visited with a reservation and therefore you do not need to worry about it anymore.

  •   no collection - online ticket
  •   incl. Van Gogh Museum
  •   incl. Rijksmuseum
  •   incl. airport transfer by train
  •   almost no selectable options
  •   without hop-on hop-off bus & boat tour
  •   no price advantage

The big advantage of the Amsterdam City Pass is the easy online ordering without the need for a pickup. If your scheduled Amsterdam program is similar to the offer, then you may save some additional organizational effort with one online order. Unfortunately, the free activities are very limited and you have to pay a higher price for the offered comfort compared against the individual purchase.

The Amsterdam City Pass is online available at following website:    Provider Website*

Museumkaart - Museum Card as Alternative:

The Museumkaart is not included in this review and comparison, as this card is not really intended for tourists. The website of the card provider is only available in Dutch language and online orders are only accepted if you have a Dutch address. This card offers free admission to many museums in the Netherlands and therefore also in Amsterdam. Among the free museums you will find the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Rembrandt House and many other museums in Amsterdam.
If you want to visit several museums and are not interested in other activities like a canal cruise, then you should consider to buy this card. As a tourist you are able to buy it directly in different museums. The on-site price of the card is approx. 64.90 Euro. You will receive a temporary card which is valid for 31 days. Unfortunately, you may only visit a maximum of 5 museums with this temporary card. More information can be obtained at but unfortunately only in Dutch language.


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