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Find up-to-date Vienna Pass promo codes and use the various tips and information around the purchase. It is very easy to get up to 10% discount. Just read how you can test and use the code, where to buy the pass, when you can get special prices directly from the provider, if you can get a free airport transfer with the pass and much more. Simply select the topic in the Questions & Answers section.

Up-to-date Codes:

Promo Code for the Vienna Pass

Click on the button*, to display the code and copy it for the application on the website!

Prices & Info as of June 5, 2024

Up-to-date Prices with Promo Codes:

Buy the Vienna Pass online with a promotion code during a special offer and get up to 10% discount. The list below shows the different available prices with and without a promotion code. Simply click on the -Website- button of the desired pass type and use the code at the shopping cart. Read the promo code application answer for detailed instructions. If there is no Vienna Pass code available at the moment, have a look at following option to still get a cheaper price for your online order.

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How much does the Vienna Pass cost and which discounts are available?

The following table lists all standard prices and the possible discounts with the help of promotion codes or during online sales on the provider website.

Vienna Pass Standard price approx. Max. discount¹
Lowest price approx.
Promo codes
Online offers
1 day € 89,00 10 % € 80,00
2 days € 127,00 10 % € 114,00
3 days € 159,00 10 % € 143,00
6 days € 199,00 10 % € 179,00

¹) The maximum discounts have been determined by extensive research. They can vary at any time and there is no claim for completeness.

Please note that the discounts of online sales offers and promo codes sometimes cannot be combined together. If you place your order during an online sales campaign with up to 10% discount on the provider website, an additional promo code does not always work. In the next 2 answers you will find some information about the application of the promo codes and the online sales offers.

How to use a Vienna Pass Promo Code?

If you would like to use a promo code you just have to choose the wanted pass on the web page with the prices* and click afterwards on the green -CHECKOUT- button. This will take you to the order page with various input fields. At the bottom of the page in the section payment method, you will find the text -Use promotion code-. If you click on this text, the following input window will appear:

Vienna Pass Promo Code

After entering the code and pressing the button -SUBMIT PROMOTION CODE-, the price in the shopping basket will be updated and on the top of the web page a message will show if the coupon code is valid. Now you can complete your order with the discounted price.

When are there online sales offers directly on the provider website?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to predict the exact dates because the offer period is usually varying. There are often online sales offers for special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, Black Friday or for holiday season. These promotions usually run for a longer period of time. So if you are not under time pressure, you have a very good chance of awaiting an online sales offer on the provider website. If a sales offer is currently running, you will find the special prices on the price overview of the provider*.

Where should I buy the Vienna Pass?

If you purchase the Vienna Pass online, you have the opportunity to receive up to a 10% discount. You just have to use a promo code or place your order at the provider website during an online sales campaign. Due to the Money Back Guarantee* you will remain flexible. You have the possibility of a free cancellation within 30 days.
If you purchase your pass online you can choose between a free pick up in Vienna or pay a small fee for the shipping. Another very fast and simple option is the Mobile Vienna Pass* on your smartphone. However, you can only order this mobile version without a optional public transportation ticket. You can choose between a 24, 48 or 72 hour short term ticket for the Wiener Linien. These tickets are also available at numerous underground stations in Vienna or directly at the Wiener Linien.
It is of course possible to buy the pass directly in Vienna. The Vienna Pass Customer Service Centre is located close to the pick up point, nearby the opera. However, there you usually will not receive any discounts and pay the full price.

How does the Mobile Pass work?

If you choose the Mobile Pass version, you may use your pass immediately after ordering. To do so, you need to have a Smartphone and choose -Mobile Vienna PASS- as the delivery method when you place your order online. After ordering you will receive an e-mail with links and a description of how to save the pass on your smartphone.
Unfortunately, this simple and fast variant has a small limitation. It is not possible to order the public transportation ticket option. As the Vienna Pass includes also the free use of the Hop-on Hop-off buses for the entire validity period, you should consider whether you really need a short term ticket for the public traffic. Short term tickets and single tickets are available at the ticket machines in the underground stations.

How long is the Vienna Pass valid?

You can choose between 1, 2, 3 or 6 days. Unfortunately a day in this case is not valid for 24 hours but only on a daily basis and just without any breaks in between. If, for example, you activate a 2-day pass on Saturday morning (first use), then you are allowed to use it until Sunday evening.
Therefore you should start your sightseeing tour with the Vienna Pass as early as possible if you want to make good use of it. Read more about that topic in the next answer. There you will find out which attractions are already open in the morning or close later in the evening. You should also pay attention to the vouchers which you receive together with the pass. Sometimes you will find a voucher for a free airport transfer. Some of those may also be used outside the validity period.

Which sights can I visit early in the morning or late in the evening?

The tip for early risers is Schönbrunn Palace, which is often open from 8:30 o'clock in the morning. This way you may not only make the most of the day, but with a little luck you will also avoid the biggest crowds of visitors.

Following attractions can be visited occasionally in the evening:

  • Giant Ferris Wheel: depending on the season until 23:45 at the latest
  • Danube Tower: at least until 22:15, last elevator upwards 21:45 o'clock
  • House of Music: daily until 22:00, last entrance 21:00 o'clock
  • State Hall of the Austrian National Library: Thursday until 21:00 o'clock
  • Albertina: Wednesday and Friday until 21:00 o'clock

Most of the other included attractions open from 9:00 to 10:00 o'clock and close between 17:00 to 18:00 o'clock. An exact list of the attractions* is available directly at the provider. Click on the different attractions there to get to the area with the opening times.

Is an airport transfer included?

Unfortunately, the airport transfer is not included in the standard services. But sometimes you will get a voucher for a free airport transfer by bus together with the Vienna Pass. At other times a voucher for a discounted ride with an airport taxi can be included. You can usually find these vouchers at the beginning or at the end of the Guidebook which you may download here for free*.

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