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We frequently use tools and information from different providers without knowing who or what is behind it. From the big brands and the internet giants, you usually know the history and the faces behind it. With the following lines, I would like to give you the opportunity to learn about the history of and the person behind it.

Who is behind it?

My name is Wilhelm Balint and I am the author and therefore the face behind I live about 25 km away from Vienna and this is also the place where I grew up. Despite this proximity to Vienna, I did not visit the city in my childhood very often. But when we drove to Vienna, it was an exceptional experience for me as a child.

The hustle and bustle, the traffic, the huge buildings, the impressive monuments and the lovely parks fascinated me already at that time. Nowadays I am often in the city, and the trip is no longer a special experience for me, but the fascination for the beauties of the city has remained.

How did this website develop?

In the year 2010 I eagerly worked on my hobby project: an extraordinary wind turbine. Full of expectation I started the first test run at the end of the year. Thank god, nobody was hurt after the test run, except my ego!

After that I was looking for a new project. Since my wife already came up with some "reasonable suggestions", I was under a little pressure! Finally, on a relaxed Sunday morning, I had a great inspiration. I will create a homepage! Now all that was left was the subject. It really had to be something reasonable, because I should be able to refuse successfully the suggestions from my wife. I wanted to reach a large audience. The subject should be of interest to me, and I should have some fun with it to make sure not to give up too quickly. The same day, I had the idea to work on an online travel guide. That was the birthday of, a Sunday's child.

The first destination, which I included in my new online travel guide, was Baden near Vienna. Since I live very close to Baden, this beautiful spa town was the perfect target for me to gain some experience. After seeing the first successes in the rising visitor numbers, the ambition seized me. Now it was time to start with the Vienna Travel Guide.

Until 2014, was a hobby project in addition to my work at an international company. Of course, already at that time, I was playing with the idea of becoming self-employed at some point. However, I lacked the courage to take this step until the day when fate gave me a push. According to the motto "When life gives you a termination, make self-employment out of it" I have been working full-time since 2015 on

With the new self-employment, of course, it was the right time to look for a new challenge. At that time, I started to work on the London Travel Guide, which went online in 2016.

What are the main topics of this online travel guide?

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