Vienna Airport Transfer - Taxi, Bus or Train?

Find the best transfer from the Vienna Airport to the city! This comparison will help you with that decision. The table with prices, links and information about the transfer by taxi, bus or train gives you an overview of the different possibilities. In the section short description you will find a summary with positive and negative points for each of the listed transfer options to and from the Vienna Airport. So it will be easy for you to make the right choice between the comfortable taxi, the bus or the cheap train with prices starting from about 4 €.

Table with Transfer Options:

Transfer Type: Travel time approx.
Intervals approx.
Fare approx.
Schnellbahn / Railjet Train 15 / 25 / 30 min. 30 min. 4,40 € Wien Hauptbahnhof / Wien Mitte / Wien Meidling This train is the cheapest option.
Vienna Airport Lines Bus 40 min. 60 min. 10,50 € Wien Westbahnhof / Wien Hauptbahnhof ... 3 bus lines with 12 stops in total.
CAT 16 min. 30 min. 14,90 € Wien Mitte Comfortable train with check-in counter at the station.
Airport Taxi Wien 15 to 50 min. - 44 € Any address in Vienna Reasonable price for up to 3 people.
ATS Taxi 15 to 50 min. - 70 € Any address in Vienna With its own taxi stand direct at the airport.

Prices & Info as of March 2024

Short Description of the Transfer Options:

Schnellbahn / Railjet Train:

The station for the Schnellbahn and Railjet trains is easily reachable, as it is located directly at the airport. The trip to the different stations in Vienna costs around 4,40 €. This is the cheapest possibility to shuttle between the city of Vienna and the airport. Additionally you may use the same ticket also for a ride with the metro. Simply enter the metro station of your destination when you buy the ticket for the train transfer.

  •   cheapest transfer option
  •   train station directly at airport
  •   incl. metro / tram ride
  •   tight with large luggage

Tickets und further information is available at the OEBB Website.

Vienna Airport Lines Bus:

The Airport Line bus starts, like the other buses, at the bus terminal in front of the arrivals hall at the airport terminal 3. In total, there are 3 lines available with 12 stops. So you have the opportunity to get very close to your destination in the city without the need to change.

  •   12 stations
  •   comfortable interior
  •   high price

Tickets und further information is available at the Vienna Airport Lines Website.


The City Airport Train, short CAT, is a very comfortable train that takes you directly to the city center. The high-quality interior furnishings with sufficient space and the possibility of a City Check-Inn are included. At the City Check-Inn you have the possibility to check in your luggage before you enter the train. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy your trip without having to worry about your luggage.

  •   City Check-Inn
  •   short intervals
  •   comfortable interior
  •   high price

Tickets und further information is available at the City Airport Train Website.

Airport Taxi Wien:

The Airport Taxi Wien is one of the cheapest taxi offers from the Vienna airport to the city. In the lowest fare category, the taxi will bring up to 3 people to any address in Vienna, at fixed prices. In any case you should make an order at least 6 hours in advance.

  •   fixed prices for Vienna
  •   pre-order required
  •   high price

Order possibility and more information can be found on the Airport Taxi Wien.

ATS Taxi:

ATS offers the advantage of its own taxi stand directly at the airport. The counter is located in the arrivals hall. There you can simply order a taxi and pay immediately. Also here you will be charged with a fixed price for the selected address in Vienna. Up to 4 people are allowed in the lowest rate.

  •   taxi stand at airport
  •   fixed prices for Vienna
  •   high price

Order possibility and more information can be found on the ATS Website.

Vienna Airport Info

All flights for your trip to Vienna arrive at the airport in Schwechat. This is the only international airport for the city. The distance to downtown is approx. 25km. Among the most important airlines in Vienna are Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa and Eurowings.

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