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Get up to 10% discount on your order at Tiqets. Just enter the promo code before ordering. Here you will find tested codes, instructions, an overview of the restrictions, tips, info ... Use the button* to view the promo code and to apply it at Tiqets.

10% Tiqets Promo Code
5% Tiqets Promo Code

IMPORTANT! These codes work only if you start your order with links from this page. First click on the button above and afterwards on OK*. Then select the desired ticket and start the ordering process. The code will be applied automatically and you will see the additional discount immediately.

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Tiqets Promo Code

Tiqets Tips & Info:

With these tips and info, you can easily get up to 10% off on your ticket purchase. Tiqets offers a wide range of ticket deals for attractions, sights and activities in cities like Barcelona, London, Rome, Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, New York, Las Vegas, Dubai ... Here you can learn how to use the discount codes and for which type of tickets they are valid.

Instructions on the use of the Promo Code

The promo codes on this page work only with links from this web page to Tiqets. Therefore, please use a link from this web page before you start the order process. For example, you can first click on a button* on this web page to view the code and then click on -OK- to get to Tiqets. The discount code will be applied automatically or can be entered manually. Then search for the desired tickets on the Tiqets website and start the ordering process by clicking the button -Book now-. This will take you directly to the 1st step of the ticket booking. Perhaps you have to select a date or the ticket variant there. Then you will see the following field with the applied discount code in the lower area:

Tiqets Promo Code

If the code is invalid, a message will appear below the input field. In this case, you can simply enter another promo code in this field if available. In the tickets overview section you can see the prices and the reductions for your order.

Overview of the Restrictions for the Codes

First the good news: The promo codes on this page work with almost all tickets, external sightseeing passes and activities which are available at Tiqets. Important! You will need to start your order with links from this website to Tiqets. Unfortunately, there are a few offers at Tiqets without the possibility to enter a discount code. These products are mainly combo tickets and sightseeing passes which were put together directly by Tiqets. Typically, these products require you to select multiple dates for different admissions and do not offer the option to enter a discount code.

The codes on this web page are regularly checked for their functionality. However, they can only be used for a limited number of orders at Tiqets. If this contingent is used up, they will unfortunately become invalid. For example, if the 10% code does not work anymore, then try the 5% one. This could still be valid.

Tips for Attractions Worth Seeing

If you are not sure which attractions on your trip could be worth a visit, the following information may help you a little bit. At itself you will find many tips for attractions in Vienna and a large overview of the most popular attractions in London. For the other destinations you can get a good first overview directly at Wikipedia. Just choose the country you want to visit and maybe the city and you will get a summary of the most popular highlights: Wikipedia Tourist Attractions

10% Tiqets Promo Code
5% Tiqets Promo Code

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