Schönbrunn Vienna Tips

Schönbrunn Palace Tips

At weekends and during holidays it is likely to face long queues in front of the entrance barriers in the palace. With an online ticket you normally will be able to save some of the waiting time, which then can be invested in other sights of Vienna. But you should consider that you need to purchase the online ticket with a specified time and it is only valid at that time.

The best time for a tour through Schönbrunn Palace is usually between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm and from 4:00 pm because at these times the rush subsides a bit. Online Tickets Purchase

Zoo Tips

The Zoo is one of the most popular destinations in Vienna. Therefore, you should anticipate long waiting lines at the ticket office, especially at weekends and during holidays. The Zoo tickets are also available online. As the tickets are not limited to a specific date and are valid for one year you still remain to be very flexible in terms of your schedule and you will avoid the waiting times in front of the ticket office. Online Tickets Purchase

Everybody who once desire to meet the animals after the official opening times and at the same time learn interesting facts about them, should sign up for an evening tour. These take place every day from the end of March till the end of Oktober in the early evening. The tour takes about 1,5 hours and offers the exceptional opportunity to observe the animals away from the crowds of visitors in a relaxed atmosphere. This recommendable experience costs approximately 30 Euros. Details (only German)

Getting around in the Palace Gardens

For all who like walking it is quite easy to reach all the interesting destinations in Schönbrunn Vienna without problems. The climb up to the Gloriette on a hot Viennese summer day can be a bit exhausting. The major part of the palace gardens with the attractions is on the same height level as the palace.

Those who want to avoid the climb up to the Gloriette can come with the bus 8A to Schönbrunn. The bus departs from Meidling and stops at the station Stranitzkygasse. This station is located in the Hohenbergstraße, which leads directly to the Maria Theresia gate. The gate is on the same height level as the Gloriette. Now nothing stands in the way to plan your individual route through Schönbrunn in Vienna without climbs. Simply use the Schönbrunn Map from city-walks.

Everybody who prefers to drive rather than having a long walk should listen to this tip and go with the Panorama Train. This tiny train can be used for approx. 12 Euros throughout the day and hop on and off at various stations. A stop is also available at the Gloriette and at the entrance to the palace. Details

Tips for Photo Spots

A path beside the Neptune Fountain leads to his back side at roughly the same height level as the rock formation with the sculptures. There you will find two viewpoints, which are perfect for taking a picture of Schönbrunn Palace with the splendid flowers in the front.

Directly at the palace on the gardens side, steps lead onto a terrace. From there, you have an excellent perspective at the cleanly designed flower beds in the Great Parterre, the Neptune Fountain and the Gloriette on the hill.

Parking around Schönbrunn

The parking situation around the palace gardens is quite critical. Free parking possibilities are only available on weekends. The car park at the Seckendorff-Gudent-Weg and the parking lots in the Hohenbergstraße are public parking facilities. Parking there is usually free on Saturdays and Sundays. From Monday to Friday, there is a chargeable short-term parking area with a maximum parking time of two hours. A payable parking area is located in the Schönbrunner Schloßstraße. The park fee there costs approximately 4 Euros for each hour.

If you arrive in Vienna by car it is advisable to use a Park-and-Ride garage and to continue your trip by metro. The costs for parking in a Viennese P&R are approximately 4,10 Euro per day. One possibility is for example, the Park and Ride in Erdberg with direct access to the U3 metro. This cheap solution will save quite a bit of stress upon arrival.

You can find the mentioned parking possibilities around Schönbrunn in the city-walks Schönbrunn Map.

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