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St Paul's Cathedral London

London underground station St Pauls, Central Line, Zone 1

Opening times:
For sightseeing Wednesday only from 10:00 o'clock otherwise Monday to Saturday from 8:30 till 16:30 o'clock (Entry until 16:00 o'clock), these times may vary sometimes due to church events (link to current information at the end of the article)

If you are satisfied with an impression of the cathedrals interior and you also like choral music and singing you should visit the worship -Choral Evensong-. Usually this service takes place from Monday to Saturday at 17:00 and on Sunday at 15:00 o'clock. It lasts about 45 minutes and the entry is free.

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Tourist Info:

Besides Westminster Abbey, St Paul's Cathedral is one of the most famous churches in London. The wedding of Lady Diana and Prince Charles was probably one of the most important events there in recent history.

Is a free entry possible?

Yes, the entrance to the worships is free of charge for everybody. The worships take place several times a day (link with schedule below). Thereby you have the chance to admire the imposing interior of St Paul's Cathedral. Especially recommendable is normally the church service at 17:00 o'clock, from Monday to Saturday and on Sunday at 15:00 o'clock. The -Choral Evensong- worship lasts about 45 minutes and is dominated by choir music and vocals. If you line up at least 15 minutes before the worships begins, you should have no problem to get a nice seat. Even if you arrive later you should be able to get a seat in the back area of the cathedral.

If you prefer to look more closely at the various highlights and especially want to enjoy the unique view at the center of London you have to pay an entrance fee. The ticket price on-site and is approx. 25.00 £ for adults. To avoid queuing, you can buy the tickets online. The admission price includes also audio guides, multimedia guides and guided tours.

What are the highlights of St Paul's Cathedral London?

The dome, which is up to 111 m high, is located in the center of the Cathedral. The most famous highlights of this sight can be found there. But you have to be reasonably fit to reach them and you should have no problem with climbing stairs.

1. The Whispering Gallery can be reached by 257 wide and comfortable laid out stairs. It is no problem if you are out of breath when you arrive upstairs, because you have only to whisper to experience the specialty of this circular constructed gallery. Due to the specific design the sound is reflected to the approx. 42 m opposite side and you are able to hear even a whisper clearly across this long distance.

2. To get to the Stone Gallery you have to climb 376 stairs in total. From the Whispering Gallery a narrow brick spiral stair case leads up to a height of approx. 52 m. The gallery in the outdoor area offers beautiful views of Central London. Unfortunately the sight is a bit restricted by a high stone balustrade.

3. The Golden Gallery, which is located at a height of 85 m, on the top of the dome. It offers unrestricted views of the city center and the river Thames. But this view has to be earned by defeating in total 528 steps. A narrow, open metal spiral staircase leads up from the Stone Gallery. I would skip this part if you suffer from a fear of heights.

4. At the Crypt you will find the resting place of famous personalities. This includes Sir Christopher Wren's, the architect of St Paul's Cathedral. Admiral Lord Nelson, a famous British war hero, whose statue stands at Trafalgar Square.

Even a walk around the cathedral is impressive and you can admire among other things following: west front with Queen Anne statue, Festival Gardens and the golden Saint Paul statue.

Tourist Tip:

If you do not want to drown in the babble of voices at the Whispering Gallery and you also like to enjoy the view from the Golden Gallery in peace, you should start your visit in the morning, immediately after the opening of the galleries.

St Paul's Cathedral Facts:

Construction period: 1675 to 1720
Dome height: 111 m
Length: 158 m

The cathedral attracts approx. 2 million visitors per year. Around half of them visit one of the church services. The Cathedral offers space for around 3,500 persons. This huge capacity was the main reason for the choice as wedding church of Lady Diana and Prince Charles.

Links with schedule, times and prices:
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