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London Travel Guide

The London travel guide from city-walks helps you to find your own top highlights. It does not matter if attractions, shopping tips or your free museum visit. Get an overview of the various recommendations and information such as opening times, directions and ticket prices. Find out what you will see at the different attractions. So, you can easily plan your visit according to your interests and discover the city just as you like.

Interactive Map

By using the interactive map from city-walks you are able to quickly orientate in London and easily explore the city online. All the described attractions are available there and marked as symbols. With the help of the search function it is uncomplicated to find streets, squares, hotels, restaurants ... The selected targets will be listed below the map with some description in small info boxes. A very simple way to create your personal city map with travel guide which is suitable for printing.

Self-Guided Walks & Sightseeing

The self-guided tours from city-walks show you the best routes for you sightseeing walk through the city. Your London experience by foot is compact and clearly arranged on an A4 sheet. Get your free PDF map, easily and without any kind of registration!

Shopping Tips

Where are the top shopping streets, department stores and shopping centers? Do not miss the best special deals in the city. Get useful recommendations for your shopping tour through London.

Top 10 Sights

See the most famous landmarks of the city and get some important visitor information. How can I avoid times with a large rush of visitors? Which highlights will be shown at the different sights? The city-walks online travel guide will help you with many answers and tips for the top 10 sights.

9 Free Museums

The entrance to London's public museums is free of charge. Do not miss this affordable opportunity to see some exceptional highlights. Unique works of art, amazing things from mother nature, technical masterpieces and various interactive stations are waiting for you at the museums.

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