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London Eye

London underground station Waterloo, Jubilee Line, Northern Line and Bakerloo Line, Zone 1

Opening times:
Almost everyday open from 11:00 till 18:00 o'clock, on weekends and during seasonal times from 10:00 till 20:30 o'clock, special opening hours on some days. (link with details listed below)

It's especially nice to experience the nightfall, with the lights of the city, at the London Eye. To do this you should start the ride shortly after sunset (link with times below). Usually the queue times are not too long in the evening hours. The ride duration is around 30 minutes.

Online Offers & Combo Tickets:

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Visitor Information:

The very popular ferris wheel is located at the south bank of the river Thames beside a small park, the Jubilee Gardens. Nearby you can find the Golden Jubilee Bridge. This pedestrian bridge across the Thames offers a good view at the London Eye and the surroundings.

Queue Times:

How long are the queue times? This is a question which most of the London Eye visitors are interested in. In average you should calculate approx. 30 minutes for waiting in a queue. The waiting times may exceed 2 hours when there is a rush of visitors. Especially on weekends, at fair weather and during the holidays you should expect long queuing times. Several visitors reported short queue lines after the opening in the morning and in the evening after 17:00 o'clock.
If you don't want to waste time with queuing in any case you should consider to buy the Fast Track Tickets which are a bit more expensive.
If possible you should order the tickets online, at least 1 day in advance. This is not only cheaper, but also helps you to avoid the additional queuing line at the ticket office.

Ticket Infos:

The numerous ticket variations are at first glance quite complex and confusing. Therefore here you find a brief description of the main types of tickets.

Standard Ticket: the most affordable type with a price of approx. 42.00 £, with online purchase at least 1 day in advance up to 25% cheaper, the exact visit time must be specified at the time of purchase
Fast Track: to avoid long queue times, price approx. 57.00 £, on certain days with online purchase at least 1 day in advance the cheaper price is about 48.00 £, the exact visit time must be specified at the time of purchase
Lounge and Champagne Experience: for those who prefer to spend their time in the lounge instead of standing in a waiting line. A personal host will take you, in a small group, from the lounge via the Fast Track entrance to the capsules. On the way you must pass a security check before you may begin your noble London Eye ride. Enjoy the view with a glass of champagne and get some information from your personal host. The online price is around 53 £ and tickets usually need to be booked in advance. Furthermore, the tickets are only available for certain dates.

The Fast Track Ticket is also available, with a price surcharge, in a flexible variation. With this type you only have to choose the day of your visit. The visiting time on the selected day is flexible. This Flexi Fast Track Ticket costs online approx. 53.00 £.

London Eye Facts:

Completion: 2000
Construction Period: 2 years

Height: 135 m
Wheel Diameter: 120 m
Number of Capsules: 32

The London Eye rotates continuously at approx. 0.26 m/s circumferential speed. The duration for a complete rotation takes about 30 minutes. Due to the maximum amount of 25 visitors in one capsule up to 1600 people can be transported in this attraction within an hour.

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