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Free London Museums - Best Highlights

Learn more about London, the history and enjoy some special art treasures. And all of that for free in the below listed museums. The admission is usually free of charge at the public museums in London. Click on the following recommendations to see the best exhibited highlights and get some useful information and tips for your visit.

Best Museums for Free

Normally you do not have to pay an entrance fee for the permanent exhibitions at the public museums in London. You are free to make a donation. This is not valid for most of the temporary exhibitions where you have to pay an entrance fee. Usually the tourists do not visit the temporary exhibitions due to the wealth of possibilities at the permanent exhibitions. The city-walks recommendations will help you to find the best museums for your interests.

London Map with Museums

You will find quickly the above mentioned museums in the London map. Click on the appropriate icons in the interactive map to get a brief information with the opening times. You can simply fix this info box below the city map by clicking on the green checkmark. Repeat this procedure at locations nearby or use the search box. If required you can easily print your free city map travel guide.