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London Shopping Tips

Discover the top shopping centers, department stores and shopping streets in London. Where do you find a mall nearby the city center with more then 300 stores? What are the opening times? Which things you should not miss during a visit at Harrods? Click on the different tips to get these and further answers. So it will be easy for you to plan your shopping trip through London without losing the orientation during your search for new fashion trends and the best bargains.

Places to Shop in London

The metropolis offers you a seemingly overwhelming number of options. To make sure that you do not miss the places with the best bargains, city-walks shows you selected recommendations. Explore among the shopping tips for London a street with 7 flagship stores, the largest shoe department, a shopping center with 300 stores or a nice little pedestrian zone for relaxed browsing.

London Map with Shopping Tips

The city-walks map contains all the tips listed on this page and many other highlights of London. So, you are able to plan your tour across London and simply combine sightseeing with shopping stops. Choose interactive your favorite destinations and print the appropriate map with little info boxes. In those boxes you will find the most important information such as the opening times.