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Tower Bridge London

London underground station Tower Hill, Circle Line and District Line, Zone 1

Opening times:
The bridge can be visited all around the clock. The exhibition rooms and the high located walkway with glass bottom are opened most time of the year from 9:30 till 18:00 o'clock (entry until 17:00 o'clock). Closed from 24th till 26th of December.

Experience live the lifting of the bridge. The Schedule with the lifting times is online available (link listed below). A good viewpoint for that is the small Potters Fields Park in front of the Town Hall. If you want to see this famous bascule bridge from a bird's-eye view through a glass bottom you have to pay approx. 12.30 £ entrance fee.

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Visitor Information:

A walk across the Tower Bridge is a must do for every first time London visitor. It takes around 5 minutes by foot to get there from the closest situated underground station Tower Hill. You can't miss this popular landmark if you walk by the east side of the Tower Fortress.
After crossing the bridge, you will face some stairs leading down to the Queen's Walk at the south bank of the river Thames. There is the Potters Fields Park which is located right in front of the Town Hall. This nice green area offers a good view at the Tower Bridge, perfect for a souvenir photo of the famous Thames bridge

The Tower Bridge Exhibition charges an entrance fee of approx. 12.30 £ per person. The highlight of the exhibition is the pedestrian walkway with a glass bottom floor. This passage is located 34m above the road surface and offers an panoramic view at the banks of the river Thames and this unique bascule bridge. If you have the possibility to plan your visit flexibly, consider the schedule with the bridge lift times. The opening and closing of the bridge takes around 5 minutes and is especially impressive from this perspective.
For all those interested in technology, there is another highlight, the original engine room. There you can have a look at the old steam engines which powered the bridge mechanism until 1976.

Tower Bridge Facts:

Completion: 1894
Construction period: 8 years

Length of the bridge: 244 m
Height of the towers: 65 m
Height of the pedestrian walkway: 43 m
Height of the road: 9 m

Every day approx. 40,000 vehicles are crossing the Thames over the Tower Bridge. The opening and closing takes about 5 minutes and it happens around 1000 times a year.

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