Stern 11 Maria Theresien
with Monument

Metro U3 and U2 station Volkstheater, U2 station Museumsquartier

Opening hours:
The Maria Theresien Platz is normally round the clock accessible. The Christmas Village is open in the advent time daily from 11.00 to at least 21.00 o'clock.

During the advent time the whole place transforms into a big Christmas Village.
At good weather conditions you should make a break in one of the cafes at the nearby Museumsquartier.

The Maria Theresien Platz Vienna (B2) is located directly at the Ringstrasse, embedded in an imperial scenery between the Museum of Natural History and the one for Art History. Directly across the Ringstrasse you can find the Hofburg and across the Museumsplatz there is the Museumsquartier. After the Viennese Ringstrasse was finished in the year 1865 this place with its garden in front of the Hofburg came into being.

The Maria Theresa Monument Vienna is a huge memorial in the center of the place. This, probably most important monument from the Habsburger, was constructed under the lead of Kaspar von Zumbusch in a 13 years construction period. It was revealed ceremoniously in the year 1888 by the presence of the empress -Sissi-.
The over 19 m high and approx. 44 tons heavy monument pictures the empress Maria Theresa in a 6 m large bronze statue. She greets the people with her right hand and in the left hand she holds a document roll of the -Pragmatische Sanktion- and a scepter. She is surrounded among other things by 4 horseman statues of her generals. The monument is classified as a World Cultural Heritage. Maria Theresa governed from the year 1740 to 1780. She reformed for instance the school system and took care of the state affairs as well as of her 16 children.
Further you can see four fountains (Tritonen- and Najadenbrunnen) at the Maria Theresia Platz. They were constructed around the year 1890.

Surrounding buildings:

The Museum of Natural History was opened in 1889 and the Art History Museum 2 years later in 1891. The entrance fee for for the Natural History Museum costs approximately 10 Euro and for the Art History Museum about 15 Euro.

Behind the both museums -at the Museumsplatz- the Museuumsquartier (A1) is located. A part of it was originally constructed as the imperial stables. Today these historical buildings are only a small part of the modern styled cultural and event center in Vienna. On site you have also some shops and numerous restaurants and cafes.

Christmas Village:

In the advent time the Maria Theresien Platz is changing to a Christmas Village. Several cabins offer handicrafts, punch and a lot more. Usually there is a special post office in the cabin number 2 where you can deposit letters to the Christ Child and also buy some special Christmas stamps.

A visit of the Maria Theresien Platz Vienna pays off in winter as well as in summer.

Info to the Christmas Village:
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