Baden in Austria

Baden in Austria Map

Interactive Map

In this online-map of Baden in Austria you can simply enter your target in the search field or select from the different predefined areas like attractions, restaurants, parking areas, view points and further Points of Interest in the different available layers. For each selected point you get some basic information and for the city-walks layers additional some detailed description and pictures in the Info field area. The selected information and the map are also clearly arranged in the printout.

City Map PDF File for Downloading

The PDF map of the center of Baden in Austria is especially designed to the demands of pedestrians. The applied scale is approximately 1:5000 and due to that it offers a clear and comfortable display of the town center. The most important sights are marked as stars with numbers to rate the different sights. Impressive buildings are colored in dark brown. Pedestrian areas, car-free paths and squares are colored light red so that you can choose your best way through the historic spa town. If you want to arrive by car you can also find the most important parking areas colored blue. And if you need a restroom on your walk through Baden in Austria then you can find the public toilets marked with a "WC" symbol.

To search for streets or places please use simply the text search function of your PDF reader.
Please click on the town map picture for downloading the PDF file version.

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