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Kruger's American Bar

The entrance of the bar is located unimposing in a side alley of the Kärntner Strasse. The interior is very tasteful furnished with comfortable seats at dark leather settees, some bar tables and stools and a classical bar made of wood. The illuminated bottles at the wall behind the bar are especially looking well in the dim light. At classical hits from Dean Martin & Co. or lounge music you can enjoy the magnificent cocktails at moderate prices for the city center. In the summer you can also have your drink outside at a small terrace. Before 20:00 o'clock there is sometimes a Happy Hour where you can get a lot of cocktails at a reduced pricing. At this time it is no problem to get a seat. At weekends after 22:00 o'clock this will be not so easy. The special atmosphere is also well known at the prominence. You can find some pictures of the most known visitors in front of the restroom entrance.

1010 Vienna, Krugerstrasse 5 (C2)
Tel.: +43 1 512 24 55
Mon till Sat from 18:00 and Sun from 19:00 o'clock opened
Metro station U1-U2-U4 Karlsplatz

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Sky Bar

This noble restaurant and cocktail bar is located in the top floor of the well known department store Steffl at the Kärntner Strasse. The best way to come to this bar is by the transparent panoramic elevator where you get a foretaste at the fantastic view from the bar terrace. There you can enjoy the view above the rooftops of the city and discover also some of the sights of Vienna. For the good quality of the cocktails, the noble flair and the beautiful view you have to pay an accordingly price for the drinks. But at an idyllic place on the terrace or during sitting inside on one of the comfortable leather chair you should be able to forget this drop of bitterness quite quickly. This exceptional atmosphere attracts additional to the wealthy guests also a lot of tourists and due to that there is normally a quite mixed and pleasant audience.

1010 Vienna, Stephansplatz 12 (C3)
Tel.: +43 1 513 17 12
Mon till Sat from 10:00 to 24:00 o'clock,
Sun 12:00 to 22:00 o'clock
Metro station U1-U3 Stephansplatz

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Roberto American Bar

Roberto American Bar is a small cocktail bar chain with three locations in the center of Vienna. The bar at the Bauernmarkt was opened in 2014 by a well-known Viennese bartender and is since then a popular meeting place for cocktail lovers. In the small and fine bar you can choose from a large selection. Many satisfied guests praise the friendly staff and the excellent quality of the cocktails. The same is valid for the other two locations at Marco-d'Aviano-Gasse 1 and the Jasomirgottstraße 7. All three bars are located close to each other. If you cannot find a seat in one of the bars, you can simply try your luck at another location.

1010 Vienna, Bauernmarkt 11-13 (C3)
Tel.: +43 1 53 50 647
Daily open from 19:00 to 4:00 o'clock
Metro station U1-U3 Stephansplatz

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Chill Out Lounge

This relaxing bar is centrally located nearby the place Hoher Markt. It is casually furnished with a lot of rattan sofas and seat arrangements around low coffee tables and some round bar tables and stools. Additional to a wide offer of different cocktails you can also choose among different warm dishes and snacks. During the Happy Hour from 18:00 to 20:00 o'clock you get some cocktails at a special pricing. The guest structure is fairly mixed and the average age is below 30. Especially during the weekend time it can be quite crowded and difficult to get a seat.

1010 Vienna, Salvatorgasse 6 (C3)
Tel.: +43 1 535 12 13
Mon till Thu from 17:00 to 24:00 o'clock, Fri and Sat from 17:00 to 2:00 o'clock, Sun & public holidays closed
Metro station U1-U4 Schwedenplatz

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Dino's Apothecary Bar

At this location, guests have been pampered with delicious cocktails since many years. In December 2019 the bar was reopened with a new name and concept. The motto of the new Dino's Apothecary Bar can be summarized as follows: apothecaries knowledge meets cocktail creations. The new owner of the bar is an educated pharmacist. This knowledge can be found in some of the exceptional cocktail creations which are available in this bar. But don't worry, the bar's design and atmosphere are not related to an uncomfortable pharmacy. Here you will find the classic bar interior with a long bar counter and dignified flair.

1010 Vienna, Salzgries 19 (C4)
Tel.: +43 1 535 72 30
Tuesday till Thursday from 17:00 to 2:00 o'clock,
Friday and Saturday from 17:00 to 3:00 o'clock
Metro station U1-U4 Schwedenplatz

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First American Bar

Also in this bar you can find the typically bar ambience. Close to the church Stephansdom you can enjoy your drinks on two floors. Normally it is a bit more quiet on the upper floor. In the menu for the drinks you find besides a wide range of cocktails also a broad offer of different Whiskey types. The experienced team serves high-quality cocktails which you can enjoy at a pleasant mix of soul, jazz and blues music. During the Happy Hour (usually on weekdays between 18:00 and 20:00 o'clock) you get some of the drinks at a reduced pricing. There is also a small terrace at the corner to the Kumpfgasse which can be used during the summer times until 24:00 o'clock.

1010 Vienna, Schulerstrasse 16 (D2)
Tel.: +43 1 513 22 07
Tue to Thu from 18:00 to 2:00 o'clock, Fri and Sat from 18:00 to 3:00 o'clock, Sun and Mon closed
Metro station U1-U3 Stephansplatz

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Bettel-Alm Disco

This is not a cocktail bar, but if you are looking for a disco in the center of the city and you do not have a problem with a bit alpine hut flair, then you are at the right place here. After the entrance in the ground floor you are in the restaurant area. From there steps are leading downstairs to the wardrobe where also the disco area is beginning. There are different rooms which are connected by corridors. The audience, which is mixed in age, has some fun at apres ski influenced music. At the weekend after 23:00 o'clock it can get very crowded. As you normally do not have to pay an entrance fee you can risk a glance by yourself.

1010 Vienna, Johannesgasse 12 (D2)
Tue till Sat from 22:00 o'clock, Sun and Mon closed
Metro station U4 Stadtpark

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