Vienna Tourist Map
for Sightseeing

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The city-walks Vienna Tourist Map gives you a detailed overview of the city center with all the famous attractions so that you can plan your sightseeing route.

It is also available as a PDF file for downloading. The whole Vienna old town is pictured on an A4 sheet and due to that it is a perfect printable map which you can take along at your sightseeing tour through the Vienna city center.

For all who prefer to select their destination with the help of pictures there is also a version of the map available with the photos of the most important sights & attractions.

All pedestrian zones are due to the pink color immediately evident. You can find also a lot of Viennese parks and green spaces which are drawn in green color.

Due to those markings it's easy for a tourist to find the most comfortable path for pedestrians through the city. It's also easy to find the sights and attractions which are marked as a star and also the brown colored special buildings on your path.

If you need to go for a longer distance just use one of the metro stations which are marked by different colors. When you prefer a more comfortable way to reach your target you can also use a taxi. At the city map you can find the taxi stands marked with the symbol "TX".

Also the public toilets, which can be quite useful at a long walk through the historic old town, can be easily found by looking for the "WC" symbol.

Even if you come by car to the city a printed PDF sheet from the old town can be very helpful due to the marked car parks.

Summer Tip:The Rathausplatz (A3) is also in summer the hot spot in the city. From 28.06 till 31.08.2014 the Film Festival is taking place there. Every night, starting at sundown, you can see a concert film free of charge at a big screen. There are also some stalls with delicious food and cold drinks which are already open from 11:00 o'clock mornings till 24:00 o'clock evenings.Program